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Trust and relationships matter. Our team creates the space to be yourself known and cared for like family. We are here for your in good and bad times, year in and year out. Through time, you’ll remain at the centre of our thoughts and heart.

We pride in evidenced-based holistic care based on sound medical advice. Working alongside a team of highly trained clinicians, health coaches and specialist panel, we seek to provide independent advice to deliver the best possible outcome for you – drawing on decades of combined rich medical experiences in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the USA. Our global outlook deepens our perspective of international best practice. Being a teaching practice, we are dedicated to being a centre of excellence.

Exceptional primary care begins with the ancient value of manaakitanga. At Meadowbank Medical Centre, our vision is to see you and your whanau as unique with your own story and whakapapa – with our team supporting you to make the best decision for your health and wellbeing. With a legacy of looking after generations, our doctors are proud to carry on the time-honoured tradition of good care and friendly service.

Good family physicians do not shy away from the mundane and the complex. – specialising in generalism. We deal with more than coughs and colds – dealing with a spectrum of health conditions including injuries, acute conditions and chronic care. Often, we are your first stop before going to the local Urgent Care, Emergency Department or the Specialist rooms saving your time and money seeking the right help at the right time.